Pastor Tope Adeyemo Ph.D

President, CACSA. (2014 - )


Beloved, it is with great joy that I welcome you to the Information Gateway of the Christ Apostolic Church Students’ Association (CACSA). Divinely Established in 1970 with the vision of redeeming the youth of the Christ Apostolic Church who are being swept away by the torrents of worldliness, CACSA, a militant youth and evangelical wing of the C.A.C has been used of God to save and establish many souls in the Kingdom. On this web space, we have provided opportunities to both members and non-members to follow the heartbeat of God for His Church in saving our world from the perils of these last days and also from the punishment of God that await any who rejects God here on earth. These include Life transforming Messages, Image Galleries, Bible Study Materials, Newsletters & Spiritual blogs. These resources will certainly build you up in your faith. Brethren, it is worthy of note that our Father in the Lord , late Pastor Samuel Olubusuyi AriJesudade ,who the Lord used mightily to lead us for forty three years went to be with the Lord on December 10, 2013. His calling has produced very many great giants of faith. He was such a great leader, and we are determined to take all that God did through him to greater heights by the power of the Holy Spirit who helped him. Please feel free to explore our rich web space and get blessed with depths of revelation which God is affording us here. We equally welcome your questions, suggestions and relevant information you might have through this medium. Ours is truly a divine vision with a divine mission. It can’t die! You are welcome.

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